A racing video game...for real !

Get ready for a new Karting experience! Halfway between karting and a racing video game, Game of Karts offers you the opportunity to experience a thrilling, fun and hilarious interactive race.

A world exclusive by SODI !

Bonuses to defeat your opponents !

The objective is simple: use your bonuses to defeat your opponents and cross the finish line in 1st position! Bomb, missile, boost, lightning, ... All bonuses are formidable weapons in the race for victory.

It's up to you to use them at the best time !

An interactive race with special effects !

Game of Karts is accompanied by sounds and lights, making racing even more immersive and interactive. Thanks to laser projectors and loudspeakers distributed over the entire track, the race is enriched with incredible light and sound special effects: the gaming experience is increased tenfold and the driver is in total immersion in the game. !

Race to victory !

On board in a SODI RSX electric kart, your driving skills will also be important.

New sensations

Compete against your opponents while having fun in a new kart experience !

An interactive race

Establish your strategy by using your bonuses to take the lead !

A convivial moment

But also a friendly moment with your relatives, friends to create unforgettable memories !


With a homing head, he will come to harm the pilot right in front of you and will slow him down for a few seconds.


Increase your speed for a few seconds to lose your opponents.


It protects you for a few seconds from opponent attacks.


Your screen tells you when you're hit or when you've hit the mark !


Slow down ALL your opponents by activating it.


Drop a bomb on the track... and your pursuer will explode and be slowed down as you drive over it.

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